Hey there! 
Welcome to my little space on the internet. On here I'm known as theCrumbster, though most know me as Cheryl. "theCrumbster" is derived from the recesses of my mind, and also my maiden name--Crum, a popular nick-name for me back in the day.
Plus, it's kinda catchy--at least, in my opinion.

As of August 3rd, 2013, I am officially Cheryl Shaulis because of the handsome man that you see in these pictures. We just bypassed 6 months of marriage--and though it is far from perfect, I cannot imagine life without him. We have fun to say the least!

Here we are posing for our "first Christmas" photo--also showing off the new 'do, a red pixie. 
I love it!

It's my belief that all of my spunk, quirks, creativity, and love for adventure, DIY's, & good meals come from my Mom. She and I have never been typical, and in the future, I foresee her hiking the Appalachian trail or being a bush-pilot in Africa before ever knitting baby-booties. 
I hope I'm the same way.

This is my little sister, Lisa (on the top), whom I affectionately call Bob. Since there's just the two of us--we kinda have to get along. Either way, I love her to pieces--and hopefully, you'll get to hear from her soon if I can convince her to guest post!

Swetzler, or now, Sarah Owen (on the bottom)--my childhood bestie has gone through life with me through all of my awkward and odd phases. She's already guest-posted on the blog about making "Kick-Butt BBQ" which you can read about here
She did a great job, so I plan to recruit her in the future.

I'm currently working as a designer--on the clock for my real job, and off the clock for my personal fulfillment. My brain is constantly processing (even subconsciously) anything that is creative, inspirational, and in general, aesthetically appealing. Which explains my obsession with Pinterest.

This is a copy of one of my latest designs, a free, printable Valentine--which you can find here.

 I dream of opening my own coffee shop, writing books, and selling my own line of design work. But for now, I'm content in finishing my Bachelors in Communications and being a wife to my wonderfully patient husband. 

I am a lover of artsy cities, local coffee shops, and a plethora of thrift stores. 

My guilty pleasure, is "how can I decorate my home" or "what craft can I do next." Colors, patterns, and fabrics allure me and paintbrushes, cameras, and glue guns call to my hands. 

Needless to say, I'm an addict.

Thus this blog is comprised of a smattering of DIY's, recipes, musings, favorite pins & links--basically anything that can be shared to further inspire others--which means, YOU!

My motto for this blog:

" Do what you can, with what you have, where you are"

At this moment in time, my husband and I are both finishing up on our degrees and as a result, are on a tight budget and limited time. But that doesn't mean that my home can't be graced with a few handmade or thrifted items or that a quality item can't be saved up for.

Instead of pining away for the future wherein I imagine a little more in our checking account, I am choosing to use what I currently have at my disposal, and make the most of it. Sure, it's not my dream home, it's not always clean or perfectly staged--but it's cozy, cute, lived in, and our personal haven. 

You can have the same.

My hope is that this blog grows into it's own as I do and that YOU can be inspired as a result.

Inspired to create, adventure, and imagine more--using what God has placed in your hands and making something beautiful with it--be it food, words, thoughts, or a blank canvas.

So where to next?

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